Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dad is Cooking

I'm a man driven by pet peeves. My current one is a commercial about a mom trying to hide from her kids that there is a serving of vegetables in their Chef Boyardee. We have to sneak healthy food into our kids? Apparently! There is even a woman who has written a cookbook about "hiding healthy foods in kid's favorite meals." Blah.

This might work for everyone when your offspring are kids, but what happens when they are young adults making food choices on their own? Will they go for the salad or the cheeseburger? Broccoli or the fries? And what about when they have to go grocery shopping for themselves?

This wasn't a dilemma we have to face today because we're part smart and part lucky. We're open with our kids and talk to them about the choices they make with food, exercise and overall health. And in return they've been open to try new things - as long as we don't push too hard. So, now we have adventurous eaters who know and express what they like.

I hope to do more than just post recipes here. I'll also:
1) Give ways to adjust each recipe for kids still learning to be adventurous
2) Highlight ways to alter the recipes if one doesn't have a lot of time to cook
3) Introduce some of my favorite ingredients

Plus, may you enjoy eating great food with your kids.

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